Designer Archana Kochhar to Showcase India’s Heritage at Miss World 2024

After a hiatus of 28 years, the prestigious Miss World competition is set to return to India, and renowned fashion designer Archana Kochhar has been honoured to be the Official Fashion Designer for this mega event. Archana expressed her gratitude with excitement and pride, stating, “I am honored to be the official fashion designer for Miss World. I have been watching Miss World since my childhood, and it’s absolutely legendary. I would like to thank Julia Morley for giving me this beautiful opportunity.”

Mrs. Julia Morley, the Chairman & CEO of the Miss World organization, echoed the sentiment, expressing her delight at having one of India’s most talented fashion designers onboard. She commended Archana’s work, stating, “We are thrilled to have Archana Kochhar as our official fashion designer. Her beautiful work really amazes me and showcases the rich culture and heritage of India.”

The current Miss World, Karolina Bielawska, also lauded Archana Kochhar’s designs, expressing her honor at wearing a traditional gown crafted by the designer. She described the experience as embodying India’s heritage, feeling like a true Indian princess for the day.

Archana Kochhar’s role extends beyond admiration and appreciation; she is tasked with designing outfits for the grand finale scheduled for March 9, 2024, at the Jio Convention Center. At this event, she will style all the winners from 120 countries, showcasing her talent and creativity on a global stage.

Notably, Archana Kochhar has been closely aligned with the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s “Make in India” campaign in various projects such as Banjara, Ahimsa Silk, and Warli. Her work has been showcased at numerous international fashion weeks, representing India’s rich cultural heritage and contemporary flair.

For the 71st Miss World competition, Archana Kochhar’s designs will spotlight her new collection aligned with the Make in India Campaign. Through her creations, she aims to promote different tribal and regional arts of India, including the Jamdani weave, Ahimsa Silk, Bandani Fabric, Varanasi Brocade, Kutchi Mirror work, and more.

Archana Kochhar stands as a beacon of India’s vibrant heritage and contemporary allure as the stage is set for the Miss World extravaganza. Through her designs, she not only celebrates the beauty of Indian craftsmanship but also elevates it to the global stage, embodying the essence of elegance, tradition, and innovation.