“demons” Is The Perfect Introduction to alekstwo’s Amazing EP

Starting with foley, suspense building recorded background noise that is shortly met with a smooth flute line, “demons” off of alekstwo’s EP titled, “takashi” is a beautiful start to this project and the perfect way to introduce this work.

From the opening flutes to the added sub melodies and B melodies for this track, its overall development as it plays and begins to unfold over its two and a half minute stretch feels like the perfect introduction to this project. The EP stretches six songs long and this, “demons” being the first on the track list. Without any drums, the instrumentation of this track is fantastic and does a beautiful job pushing the song forward as it progresses. Where most people would add drums after the intro, alekstwo continues to build and add more sounds to this track to ultimately create a fantastic wall of sound that is produced beautifully and mixed beautifully.

Be sure to check out alekstwo and give all of his work a look. You can keep up with him on his official Instagram page here, as well as listen to all of his most recent releases and give his great EP, “takashi”, a listen from his official Spotify page, here. With new work and music on the way, there’s no better time to be well versed with alekstwo than now.