Demi Mann The Popular British-Indian Actress Opens up About Her New Lead Role 

Demi Mann, the classically trained British-Indian actress, just landed a new lead role in a major feature film Room playing the role Sanjana, who is a strong female character. As the gorgeous popular actress opens up about being cast as the new lead she also talks about being a perfectionist, her Indian culture and bringing South Asian Representation to a whole new world. Born in the United Kingdom, Film Star Demi Mann is Indian Sikh. “I was born and brought up in London, my parents wanted me to be a doctor, or a pharmacist, a career that was academic, as acting was frowned upon, it was not seen as a career choice at all for a girl in my culture.” 

Landing the lead role in the feature film Room playing the role of Sanjana has been a blessing for the rising star. Demi is excited about her career as more doors open up for her and as she continues to make waves in Hollywood. “I have always wanted to be an actress since I was a young girl,” Demi remembers. “As a child, I would watch movies and Television on the big screen, and I wanted to be part of that storytelling, it was magical. I wanted to be like the role models I looked up to, especially Penelope Cruz, Kareena Kapoor, Salma Hayek and Julia Roberts”.

The road to becoming an actress was bumpy. Demi Mann says, “A girl becoming an actress was not seen as a suitable career choice in my culture. The safer option would have been becoming a doctor. I encountered some pushback, but I just could not let go of my dream.” The stars aligned and Destiny took over and Demi was destined to become an actress.

Demi Mann studied Biology and Media Studies, and graduated from the University of the Arts in London and took as many classes & workshops at one of the best acting schools in the world, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. 

Demi works on her character day and night until she has perfected the role to the best of her ability and then she works with top acting coaches to really get that perspective multi dimension on the role. “Being a Virgo, and well me, I am a perfectionist and I work really hard at all my roles for both film and television. I always thrive for the best so I always give my best. Working on the set of Room was a dream come true for me, it really challenged me as an actress, got to show my range, and it was pretty badass.” 

Since being cast in James Bond film Skyfall, Demi has had film and television series roles in Frank and Ava, Echo Boomers, Tesla Adventures, and Astral Princess, Starblessed and just recently Room as the lead. She is getting to experience the industry from the inside out, and she is impressed by the changes it is undergoing. “My Cultural background being a South Asian Woman, feeds off into any character that I play, and I am extremely proud of that. I am happy that the Sanjana Character I’m playing is played by an Indian woman. 

“During the lockdown it gave me time to spend on myself, meditate and do things that I didn’t have time for before. Where I am today is a huge blessing, and I am full of gratitude”. Demi is being considered & going up for major, leading roles in studio films and network television series, from Netflix, abc, Amazon, Disney, CBS, Hulu, Paramount, Lionsgate, HBO & more. 

Demi Mann giggles, when she is asked about what roles she would like to play in the future. “There’s far too many to list here,” she says. “I am so ambitious & dreamy! But, if I must choose, I would say my dream roles would be to play a superhero in a Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics film and TV series and Oscar winning. I would just love to play a secret agent in James Bond like Daniel Craig, or be a badass superhero in Marvel or dc comics saving the world. 

Demi Mann, who has over 165k followers on Instagram and counting is a stunning actress from London, now based in Beverly Hills, whose pictures and videos go viral has lead roles in Room, Emergency: LA, Starblessed, Emergency:LA, Astral Princess and Spirit 7 in film and television and more. To learn more check out Demi Mann’s IMDB, website, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.