Demand for iPhone 13 hits top on Google Search led by Ireland and Australia

The technology world is looking forward to the Apple event and the devices the company will unveil, but the iPhone 13 remains the most outstanding aspect of the event. Consequently, the iPhone 13 is gaining interest online.

Data presented by Burga indicates that interest in the keyword ‘Buy iPhone 13’ has hit peak popularity with a score of 100 on the Google Search platform by the week ending September 11, 2021. By the week ending September 4, the interest recorded a score of 61. Between the week ending August 28 and September 11, the interest has soared 40%.

Elsewhere, Ireland is leading in the iPhone 13 interest with a popularity score of 100, followed by Australia at 88. Interestingly, Canada ranks third at 76 followed by Nigeria at 71 while the United States is in the fifth spot at 56.

Other countries that recorded high interest in ‘Buy iPhone 13’ include UAE (49), United Kingdom (44), New Zealand (42), Singapore (35), and Philipines (32).

Chip shortage to likely impact iPhone 13 price

The interest in iPhone 13 possibly reflects consumer’s need to learn more about the device in terms of price and features. The report highlights how the phone’s price might play out. According to the research report:

“Notably, a significant focus will be on the iPhone 13’s pricing. The phone’s development comes in the wake of a global chip shortage that almost crippled several industries. Notably, TSMC, Apple’s primary chip supplier, has reportedly increased costs by up to 20%, and the company might pass the charges to customers.”

Overall, the iPhone 13 is expected to have a host of improved features from the successful iPhone 12 series launched last year. The main focus will be on features like design, camera, battery life, and connectivity.

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