Decoding Diamond Clarity: A Closer Look at VVS Diamonds

First thing first, all diamond buyers must know about the 4 Cs diamond grading guide that the reputed GIA created to assess a diamond before the purchase is made final. These 4 Cs are Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity. All expert gemologists and gem enthusiasts suggest diamond buyers to delve deep into the subject of VVS diamonds as part of their quest to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the 4Cs diamond grade scales, specifically diamond clarity. Hence, next up is a closer look at the VVS clarity grade to ensure your diamond shopping experience is smooth and profitable with Rare Carat, America’s best ring marketplace. So, do keep reading for more!

The importance of diamond clarity

Most first-time buyers firmly believe diamond carat is the only 4Cs grade scale affecting the diamond’s value. This is the reason why Rare Carat worked day and night from the get-go to be the best source of unbiased GIA-certified gemologist input in the US. The clarity category and clarity grade of the diamond will affect the value of the diamond as well. The better the diamond clarity grade, the more sparkly the diamond is going to be.

Natural and Lab grown diamonds are not always flawless. Flawless diamonds are in fact quite rare and extremely expensive. The role of diamond clarity grades is to provide information to buyers about how many imperfections are there in the diamond of their choosing.

The most common diamond imperfections that you will encounter are blemishes on the diamond’s surface and internal inclusions. For more on diamond clarity and its importance for a successful diamond buying process, click here:

The clarity categories and VVS clarity grade

GIA came up with the universally-accepted 6 diamond clarity categories based on the types or levels of diamond imperfections. So, these 6 categories which have a total of 11 clarity grades as subcategories are the following (from most expensive to least expensive):

  1. Flawless or FL
  2. Internally Flawless or IF
  3. Very Very Slightly Included or VVS (2 clarity grades: VVS1 and VVS2)
  4. Very Slightly Included or VS
  5. Slightly Included or SI
  6. Included or I

If you ask a seasoned gem enthusiast or certified gemologist to suggest the best clarity grade to invest in that will not cause a dent in your bank account, the answer you will get is VVS diamonds. While FL diamonds are perfectly imperfect, IF diamonds come with a couple of blemishes on the surface and can be recut to convert them to an FL diamond clarity grade. So, VVS happens to be the first in the grade scale list (in the case of diamond clarity) that will feature some kind of inclusion.

Even though it comes with inclusions, it is the best diamond clarity grade scale to go for as the inclusion are typically minute and not visible to the naked eye. You will require advanced equipment to spot the inclusion in such diamond clarity category.

In VVS clarity grade diamonds, the type of inclusion that are common are the following:

  • Clouds
  • Pinpoints
  • Internal graining
  • Feathers

As they are considered almost flawless diamonds, VVS clarity grade diamonds will be on the expensive side. However, the options for size, shape, and colors are far more in VVS than other lower diamond clarity grades like VS or SI. When shopping for a certified VVS natural/lab grown diamond from Rare Carat, you will be able to select between VVS1 and VVS2.

VVS1 by the GIA-approved diamond grading scale is better than VVS2, and thus, more expensive. A VVS diamond will be graded as VVS1 or VVS2 based on the location of its inclusions, for example, off to the side or front and center and hidden.

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Final look into diamond clarity and VVS clarity grade

Proper and guided research on diamond clarity and its different clarity grade which includes the VVS grade scale is a must if you are looking for the most suitable diamond that will fit your budget perfectly. It is highly recommended that you dig deeper into this topic for a better shopping experience. So, do visit Rare Carat’s user-friendly and informational official website for more on diamond clarity categories including VVS diamonds!