Day1 Anti is Stepping Up HIs Game With New Music Video For “Forever”

Since he began recording music in October of 2020, taking his career to the top has been on Day1 Anti’s mind. During the global pandemic, he turned to the art of rap music in an effort to fulfill his lifelong passion, and it is paying dividends. He and his team have devised a strategy to do this, and all he has to do now is trust the process. With the premiere of his new music video, “Forever,” he proves that he is all in and isn’t looking back.

Day1 Anti’s vocal ability shines through on “Forever” as he flows over the dynamic beat. He discusses how the people around him are changing due to his growth and how he has to be cautious moving forward. He’s in it for the long haul, and he can’t have individuals like that near him as his fame will only rise with time. With his innovative angles and distinctive edits, Derwynnwho brings the song to life, giving it a full music video from top to bottom.

Day1 Anti is more prepared than ever to show the world what he has to give the music industry. There’s no telling how quickly this young talent will soar if he sticks to the plan and stays the course. 

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