David Gongora’s “Canvas” stirs the hearts of the nation with this piercing tune

“Canvas” has been breaking records on Spotify since its release. David Gongora has delivered his fans with yet another hit track. The song is extremely catchy, a fact that is evident since you will keep listening to it time and time again. The song shows us the growth and talent of David Gongora on full display. 

Having traveled across the country with a number of renowned artists, David Gongora has picked up a thing or two from his experiences. He is able to put all of that in his music which makes sure that his music is following the latest trends and styles while preserving some originality. “Canvas” delivers all of that and fans are enjoying a lot. 

Rumor Records have always supported talented artists who have a knack for creating consecutive hits. They have worked with David Gongora before and know what he is capable of. That’s why they went all out during the production of “Canvas”. They must be congratulated for delivering the fans with a track such as this. 

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