Cyber Boy Corp.’s CTO Is All Set To Release Its Luxury 3D Chess Game in May

Pandemic has hit everyone so hard; being in a lockdown for more than a year is just tiring. And there is no denying that whether we like it or not, lockdown is the need of the hour. During this lockdown, many people find their solace in watching movies, doing online work to make some bucks, and playing online video games. 

While other ways are pretty relaxing and good ways to kill time, playing video games was more prevalent among all the ways. That is why the video gaming industry has generated a revenue of $150 billion in the year 2020, much higher than the revenue generated by the international film industry in the same year.

We all know games are an entertaining way to kill time, but if we tell you that you can earn some cash during your playtime, how would you feel? What’s better than this, right!

Cyber Boy Corp.’s New Chess Game

This is what Sr. Roy Andrade had in his mind when he was planning to launch his video game. Sr. Roy Andrade is a successful entrepreneur and owns a software and technology company that is located in the USA, California Beverly Hills, with the name of  Cyber Boy Corp. 

During these challenging times, Sr. Roy Andrade wants to give something back to his supporters and followers. He jumped into the gaming industry and decided to launch a brand new 3D chess game titled “King Roy.” 

So, What’s in the box?

King Roy is a highly strategic chess game in which you can interact with gamers worldwide and participate in fierce competitions. Besides that, you can even win some exciting cash prizes, meaning fun and earnings hand in hand. 

This new 3D chess game will feature the company’s protagonist and everyone’s favorite Cyber Boy. Sr. Roy Andrade has made sure every details and graphics of the game are of the highest quality, and up to the mark, and for that, he has collaborated with the software developers from London to Los Angeles 

This new Venture of Sr. Roy Andrade will be available on all the devices that supported iOS and Andriod and will require no fancy gadgets and softwares to support the game. 

If you are a big screen lover and enjoy playing your games on PC, do not worry! Cyber Boy Corp. is planning to release the version of its 3D chess games supported by PC very soon. 

So mark your calendars because the most awesome 3D chess game is going to release on May 5, 2021. Trust us, if you are a chess lover, visit, www.CyberBoyCorp.App, this game has everything you expect to be in a first-class chess game.