Customise Your Replica Lightsaber With These Must-Have Accessories: From Sound Boards to Blade Plugs

Lightsaber customisation offers a way for you to add your creative touch to the creation of a replica lightsaber that uniquely reflects your personality and matches your needs.

In order to craft a replica Neopixel lightsaber that you’ll be proud of, you’ll need to get all the right components and tools. Some of these components are the basic parts that every replica lightsaber has, such as; a good-quality metal hilt, a mid-grade or heavy-grade polycarbonate blade, blade lights, and a power source. However, if you’re looking to customise your replica lightsaber, you need to take things a step further by including certain accessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have lightsaber accessories below.


Without movie-accurate sounds, your replica lightsaber is honestly just a sword that lights up, and although it still looks cool, sparring and dueling without the characteristic buzzing and sparkling sounds of the lightsaber is just not as fun. The soundboard is the component that controls the sound and effects within the lightsaber.

The soundboard provides a smooth swing (the hums made by the saber based on the speed of your movements as you swing the lightsaber). There are different sounds for fast, slow, long, and short swings. These movie-accurate sounds provide a more engaging and realistic lightsaber experience.

Depending on the type of soundboard you get, you can also include customised sound features such as; the clashing sound when two sabers strike each other, and the blaster bolt deflects.


This is the part connected to the saber’s hilt. Its function is to stabilize the saber’s blade by clutching it tightly at the spot where it is attached to the body.

Lightsaber emitters may come with features such as windows (precisely cut gaps) that allow the light of the saber’s blade to shine through and blades and claws, all of which can give your replica lightsaber an appealing aesthetic. If you however intend to duel with your custom lightsaber, emitter claws and blades are not a good idea for safety reasons.


This is a knob-like cap that is placed at the bottom of a saber’s hilt (the end opposite where the emitter is attached). The pommel is, to a large extent, used for aesthetic purposes. However, it can help with balancing the weight of your custom lightsaber and also preventing your hand from sliding off the end of your saber’s hilt during combat. Most of the time, the pommel also comes with vents that allow the audio effects from your saber’s soundboard (which is located inside the hilt) to be heard more clearly.

Blade Plug

This small cylindrical piece of polycarbonate is another important lightsaber accessory. It is installed at the end of the hilt when the saber’s blade has been removed. This is to improve safety and prevent the saber’s light from shining directly into the eyes. An added benefit of blade plugs is that they give your custom saber a cool and complete look.


Remember how cool Darth Maul looked with a double-bladed lightsaber? Well, you can look just as cool by investing in some lightsaber couplers. These cylindrical parts are used for assembling the hilts of two lightsabers to make a double-bladed lightsaber (or saberstaff). For a cooler effect, you can go for a quick-release coupler which is a special variation that is engineered to enable faster connection and disconnection of joined lightsabers.


The perfect replica lightsaber for you is one that meets all of your unique needs and reflects your relationship with the Force. Customisation allows you to craft this perfect lightsaber, and by adding the aforementioned components and accessories, you are guaranteed to end up with a replica lightsaber that is truly unique in terms of appearance and functionality.