Cushion Cut Diamonds For Engagement Rings

Deciding on the flawless engagement ring is not just about the metal or the setting or the design of the ring. Besides the metal you settle for and the whole ring itself, many focus on the centre of the ring which is the diamond itself. The new-age engagement rings are all about the personal preferences of the couple along with the unique taste of the bride.

Many people start by choosing the diamond first before going into the overall setting of the ring. But with so many shapes and cuts available, how do you select the perfect Rare Carat diamonds? At Rare Carat, the experts want you to learn everything required to make an informed decision and enjoy the process of choosing the right diamond.

Understanding what’s the catch about cushion cut diamonds

Did you know that Sofia Vergara, the Duchess of Sussex, and Priyanka Chopra are some of the most celebrated personalities around the globe who have embraced cushion-cut diamonds? It’s been regarded as a traditional cut for a long and today, cushion-cut diamonds are making s strong comeback and enjoying unmatched popularity. Although cushion-cut diamonds are one of the most beautiful shapes today, their history dates back over three centuries.

Traits of a Rare Carat cushion cut diamond worth discussion

The best cushion cut diamonds today have a rectangular or square shape with curved sides sporting 58 facets and slightly tapered at the corner which gives it a stunning cushion or pillow-like appearance. Sometimes, it is also referred to as cushion brilliant since the patterns are modified from the round brilliant cut which is considered the pinnacle of brilliance.

When this round brilliant is designed to bring in additional facets in the pavilion or the crown area, it is regarded as the modified cushion brilliant. They look like crushed ice owing to the multiple facets. As they give out an outlandish level of radiance. Moreover, they are popular as they can conceal smaller inclusions owing to the minuscule facets. The brilliance of a diamond can be classified into three various components:

  • Scintillation: This refers to the sparkle or the flashes of light emitted by a diamond when it is moved underneath the source of light.
  • Brightness: The total amount of light reflected by a diamond
  • Fire: It refers to the dispersion of light to the various colors on the spectrum.

If you are looking for the best cushion cut diamonds for your engagement ring, you can browse through Rare Carat diamonds to find your choicest fit. Although less common, Rare Carat has sourced lab-grown cushion cut diamonds for clients.

Selecting the best cushion-cut diamond for your engagement ring

If you are yearning for a cushion cut diamond for your engagement ring, the first step will likely involve looking at various kinds of ring designs. As you have a clear idea about your preferred style of ring, you can move on to sourcing the Rare Carat radiant cut diamonds or princess cut stones.

  • Take a look at the ratios

The first step in choosing the best cushion-cut diamond is to consider the ratio. Ratios near 1.00 are very common and traditional and give a square look whereas, the ratio between 1.10 and 1.50 are also gaining popularity and gives a rectangular appearance. Experts suggest that the ratio of 1.10 to 1.50 makes the diamond look larger and gives the finger an elongated appearance.

  • Be mindful of the color

We all know that the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a diamond are important factors to consider before purchasing it. But when it comes to cushion-cut diamonds, color is the most important factor of all. Modern cushion cuts show 5heir truest color implying that you can see a faint yellow tinge on the stone. If you want the diamond on a white gold or platinum setting, it’s better to go for Grades H or higher. If you want to go for a lower than H grade, it’s better to go for a traditional gold setting since it helps mask the yellowish tinge.

Final words

Contrary to the first batches of cushion-cut diamonds, the modern one can be designed into various settings such as the halo rings with smaller diamonds around the sides or trilogy rings containing the cushion-cut diamond as the centrepiece and radiant cut diamonds on both sides. Whatever your preferences, a cushion-cut diamond will surely fit your choice.