Crypto SOL News and Price

Solana is a young yet very popular platform that has all the chances to replace the Ethereum network. Solana is built on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which means it is:

  • much cheaper than Ethereum (no mining expenses);
  • much faster;
  • with incredible throughput.

These three points are crucial for dApps developers since they need the network to operate quickly and do not greet high transaction fees.

Solana is a base for hundreds of DeFi products (metaverses, games, etc.), with the SOL token serving as the means of payment for transactions and staking coins within the network. As of September 2022, the SOL to USDT pair is traded at $33,23.

The price of SOL is likely to increase over time. What are the reasons for thinking so? First of all, even being a relatively young project, Solana has gained popularity among developers worldwide. Secondly, Solana has an engaged community and regularly updates its social media, news, and community events. 

Where to Buy SOL?

If you are interested in SOL crypto buy it on the WhiteBIT exchange. It is a centralized crypto platform supporting over 400 crypto pairs and fiat trades. Registered users access buying crypto assets with fiat money from their bank cards. The platform has an intuitive interface even a beginner user can cope with. Clock “Trade” and find the calculator where you can pick the number of coins you want to buy and set different trading limits. 

Where Do I Get Sol News?

To learn about the recent news and updates on the Solana project, we recommend subscribing to Solana’s social networks. Also, you can look for SOL crypto news on the White Blog. It is a resource with interesting articles and guides on crypto trading, rolling out reviews on popular and promising crypto projects, trading instructions, charts explanations, etc.