Crocs Appointed Priyanka Chopra as its New Global Brand Ambassador

A global leader in innovative casual footwear, Crocs has allegedly launched the fourth year of its “Come As You Are” campaign which simply boasts new top-tier talent, and fun product innovations for Spring 2020. The brand has come up with its new campaign which is about feeling comfortable in your own shoes – both literally and figuratively.

The Real Brand - Priyanka Chopra

And now the actor, producer and global UNICEF ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas, has joined Zooey Deschanel, Yang Mi, Kim Sejong and Suzu Hirose as its global ambassador. Together, the global ambassadors’ will be inspiring fans to feel comfortable in their own shoes, while expressing their individuality through their own personal Croc style choices.

The fourth succession of the ‘Come As You Are campaign’ is all about one thing: standing out and feeling empowered to own who you are, no matter what. Probably the campaign is relating two most important aspect of life, confidence and comfort.