Credited by Drake: Mothership Just Landed

Hello 7 Lord, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! What city are you from?
Portland, Maine, what up 207.

How has your city influenced your sound?
The city is more than what people know, it’s a different vibe, we usually listen to artists like Drake, Pop Smoke, you know, the top. We’re the most paranormal state of the US, so you could imagine why we don’t like regular sounds. We got a lot of spiritualist, people in the streets, and people out hunting. So you know we got to bring that heat to warm em up. It’s cold out there. *Laughs*

Tell us about your best performance?

My best performance was right in Bangor, Maine.
That’s what made me realize I wasn’t a regular performer. People were out of their seats, shocked at the creative outfit, I wore a jaberwocki mask to represent words could dance too.

Talk about your latest project?
I’m working on my debut album, No Title. It’s a masterpiece so don’t expect anything anytime soon. *Laughs*
My latest release “Mothership” is available everywhere. One of my greatest works. I brought a classic flow from my younger days and worked with ForeverDox to create this hit. The song has a lot of deep meanings and double/triple entendres so have fun breaking the song down. It comes out different every time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Five years from now I do not see myself anywhere near earth. I’m serious *laugh*, you gon find me in the mountains somewhere and I’ll come down when I take my nap. I’m sure when things become better I do not waste time with my ideas to create charities for law enforcement, military, traumatized released people from prison and the homeless. But yeah, mountain.

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