Covid Halloween Costume Ideas by Mandeep Rai, Herne Bay

About Insider spoke to Mandeep Rai about how to handle Halloween 2020. Here’s what he had to say… 

October is round the corner! it’s time to start planning costumes for Halloween!

In order to have a safe, covid free Halloween, we’ve come up with some costume ideas so you and your loved ones can make the most out of the holiday this year!

5. A snowglobe
Get an old, clear umbrella and use this as your sphere. This will go above and around your head. The bottom half will be your base. Decorate this in any way you like! Remember to attach it to the bottom of the umbrella, leaving space for your arms so you can grab all your Halloween candy!

4. A Zombie Nurse
Mask? Check. Scary costume? Check. 
Turn yourself into a scary looking nurse using face paint and keep safe by wearing protective gear!

3. A Bank Robber
Cover your face, grab your money sack and you’re good to go. You’re face is hidden from the likes of Clark Kent, and you’re equipped with a bag for all of the night’s candy. What more could you need on Halloween?!

2. Astronaut
Nothing screams scary like an astronaut(!) For those of you who like to tone it down, and go for the light hearted costumes, this is perfect for you.

Perhaps you could even add your own Halloween twist while staying protected in your spacesuit.

1. A Ghost
If you’re short on supplies, then the old fashioned ghost costume is for you! Grab a bedsheet, some scissors and cut 2 circles where your eyes will be. This old trick keeps your mouth and nose covered at all times!

Article by Mandeep Rai
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