Courtney Revolution is more than a reality star from The Circle

Courtney Revolution always wanted to be in front of the camera ever since he was little. With heavy influences from TV shows, acting in plays and entertaining audiences, he knew the entertainment industry would be a “perfect storm” of ingredients for someone like him. 

From his time on Season 2 of Netflix’s The Circle, the portrayal of his character is one that viewers have only seen a small glimpse of. From being appointed “The Joker” role, Revolution stirred up the pot as the villain of the show. But what fans do not know is that his job outside of the bubble of the show is what created the most impact on his life. As a pop culture commentator and TV star, bringing awareness and visibility to the real world is what created more opportunities for him, and allowed growth in who he is as a proud, black LGBTQ+ member.

While the bubble of The Circle has popped, Revolution and the cast are still close, truly becoming a family after their time together on the show. As his favorite project and one that he will never forget, Revolution sets his sights on the entertainment space moving forward. Whether that be in music commentary, reality TV, or interviewing celebrities, he desires to bring more influence and impact on those watching and listening. 

Revolution’s bucket list for his personal success and life aspirations are truly aspirational as they include attending the Grammys, voicing a character on a Pixar film, having lunch with Taylor Swift, and never working a 9-5 job again. With goals set for the next five years, his passions for pop culture, music, and commentary, lead his projects for the future. 

Something that came to Revolution as a surprise was his visibility on the show. With his Instagram DM’s blowing up daily from teenagers and adults who applaud his gameplay and strategy on the show, he also gets messages that thank him for being someone that looks like them and is gay on the show. This, combined with cross country road trips and flying overseas, he has learned one thing: People are more alike than we think. 

With hopes to continue to touch lives, remembering the advice his dad gave him: “if nothing changes, nothing changes,” Revolution continues to have these high hopes for who he can work with moving forward. Having a great deal of admiration for individuals like Issa Rae, Keke Palmer, Will Smith and his family, Andy Cohen, and brands like Apple, ASOS, Saint Laurant, and of course, Fenty Skin by Rihanna, they inspire him to work with persistence and patience.

Courtney Revolution has been called a villain in The Circle, but in reality, he is more than the show. He is a 28-year-old who has dreams and passions like everyone else. He prides himself on social media, as it impacts his life and career, and stays connected with his friends on it too. He gets coffee in the morning and goes to the gym. He is a black man and member of the LGBTQ+ community. Courtney Revolution is a shining example of being more than what is seen on TV. 

To learn more about Courtney, follow him on Instagram @courtneyrevolution