Cosmic Dawn is a inspiring web series that’s coming to YouTube in 2022

Hello, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! Please introduce yourself your full name and where you are from?
My name is Jason McArdle and I’m from England, Manchester.

I’ve been checking out a few of your videos on your channel and the art style is truly stunning, what software do you use and why?
I use Daz 3D and I use it because it’s free [laughs] apart from the assets i purchase them from the Daz store.

What is Cosmic Dawn about? what’s the plot?
I’ll talk about episode 1 because I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, in episode 1 we have a powerful vampire called Vallazar(voiced by Damon Alums) who wants to rule the world, and in an effort to save it human’s elf,s, and werewolf,s team up to try and stop him.

In the video, I saw the big bald guy fighting a woman that’s Vallazar?
Yes, that’s right he’s fighting Tiatha(voiced by Sarah Hamidi) who is a Elf and Ronan(voiced by Joe Passaro) who’s a werewolf which I’m currently working on.

The fight looks cool who taught you to animate?
I’m still a learner I really dont think there that good to be honest i always look at it and think it could look better but i have been told of people that’s normal, but I do have alot of help from friend’s and VA’s who give me honest feedback and a friend called Shane who’s a great animator he’s really helped me improved a lot.

The voice actor’s where do you find them? did you reach out to them or did they reach out to you?
I reached out to some of them but I mainly do casting calls on Twitter, and people send me there audition’s and I
pick the one that I think suit’s the character, a lot of talented people on Twitter.

Who is on your dream list to work with?
To be honest, I think for a inspiring project I have a great cast, there’s a lot of talent on this project and I honestly think there going to be the future of voice acting or acting in general, But to answer the question I have a huge wishlist i have already Chuck Huber(Verizion), Jessica Straus(Luzara) and Vic Mignogna(Flint/Oldman on the project already so I’m thankful for that really.

Last question, where do you see Cosmic Dawn in a year’s time?
I’ll be happy if it ever gets on Netflix’s one day but even a small youtube community ill be happy with right now

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