Controversial Rapper Zmoneeey Advocates For Higher Learning

Zmoneeey is a rap artist from Fair Lawn, New Jersey that loves to learn new things but hates school. She’s constantly embroiled in the middle of controversy at Fair Lawn High. Zmoneeey was recently suspended for getting on the school loud speaker and inciting a riot by saying: “If students are tired of being treated like inmates, meet me at the school cafeteria immediately because the inmates are taking over the asylum once and for all!” 

She became notoriously popular for her antics but a quote from her dissertation about going to college is what really stirred the pot. Zmoneeey stated; “School is boring AF no cap. That’s why it’s called Bored of Education because the trash they teach us has me bored out of my mind!” 

Nevertheless, I am a proponent for higher learning so if you want to go to the next level and get higher, send me a telegram and indulge in the best gummy bear experience you’ve ever felt.” 

Zmoneeey’s higher learning speech got her questioned by the police, temporarily expelled and three days in after school detention. Fed up and not knowing what to do next, Zmoneeey was at a crossroads. All she wanted was for students to share the euphoria that her taste buds felt every time they luxuriated in the essence of a Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy. 

Some faculty members love to hate Zmoneeey and as a result, she was unjustly thrown in after school detention. While doing time in detention she decided to take her rap talent serious and began writing the hit song “Saturday”. 

Zmoneeey says; “there are thousands of students who feel just like I do but are scared to say it. Well I refuse to be scared any longer. Freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness, that’s what “Saturday” and the Z-List Nation are all about.” Saturday is now available on all digital streaming platforms. To learn more about the movement go to 

You can connect with Rapper Zmoneeey on Instagram @z_moneeey