Colorado-based musical powerful duo “AztroGrizz” drops their newest single “Awake.”

Colorado-based musical duo “AztroGrizz” drops their newest single, “Awake.” In this track, AztroGrizz talks about staying focused during the bad times. “Awake” very well resonates with people who survived the biggest pandemic of this era. Everything from the lyrics of “Awake” to the music of it is powerful and intense. That is why the listeners easily connect with the song the moment they hear it.

A very listenable song that immediately garnered positive affirmations from across the world. The song features beyond dramatic instrumental; you get a very passionate vocal performance by Jon LeDuc as you proceed. Written from a different perspective, “Awake” epitomizes the year 2020’s wrath for AztroGrizz;  the track ends with a beautiful message to remain focused and “awake” despite persisting negativity in one’s life.

The song was written by both men with the hope that it will help people to stay focused and keep their heads up whenever negativity tries to enter into their life. All in all, it’s a fantastic track that is sure to move the audience at a deeper level.

About AztroGrizz:

AztroGrizz is the newest funkadelic, gritty hip hop singing duo based out of Colorado. The band is known to make multifaceted, adaptable, simulating, and enthralling music for its fans. AztroGrizz consists of Denver natives Jon LeDuc and Sterling Lewis. The duo is resolute to change the world of rap with their unique style of singing.

“Awake” follows the release of their single “Wake of Darkness” and their extremely solid debut album “Journey 2 the Center of Our Worth.”

The track is now available on Spotify along with other major platforms. To know more about AztroGrizz and their upcoming projects, follow them on Instagram @aztrogrizz

Jyotsnaa Sharrma

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