Coinbase acquires ATS wallet – the biggest business in the crypto market

With the recent steep rise of Bitcoin, more and more attention has been drawn to the world of cryptocurrencies. This means more people trying to figure out a secure wallet to store their crypto in.

One of those ways is through the upcoming ATS Wallet, which is prepped to launch its IPO in 2022. Developed by Abacon Technology Solution LLC (what ATS stands for) in 2017, the wallet will be the first of its kind to implement Masternode pump technology, and will be a major breakthrough on the crypto market, set to revolutionize the world of e-wallets altogether.

One way to know that the upcoming release of ATS’s IPO is a major deal, is to look who’s backing it. On September 2nd 2021, the rights to the upcoming ATS Wallet were acquired by cryptocurrency giant Coinbase. What does this mean for investors?

Big companies (like Coinbase) buying smaller companies (like ATS, in this case) isn’t anything new. In fact, this is a common practice, which brings about quite a few benefits to both parties involved.

In this case, by acquiring ATS, Coinbase is throwing its notable resources and power behind the much smaller company. As one of the leading names on the crypto market, Coinbase enjoys hefty buying power, and tried and tested sales business techniques. Obviously, these can be powerful additions for the ATS company.

Another benefit for ATS will be the business ties and relationships that Coinbase has established over the years, bringing in new investors and considerable trust to the acquired company. By throwing its weight behind ATS, Coinbase is practically investing in the company’s future, in the hope of increasing its sales (which is generally the case, with big companies acquiring smaller ones). This is set to yield impressive profits for the acquirer, but also for ATS, and its buyers. That way, both the acquired company (ATS) and the acquirer (Coinbase) will profit. The move has inspired confidence on the part of ATS investors in the past few days, signaling that this is the time to buy into ATS and profit off of their lucrative relationship with Coinbase.

This is something that, as an investor, it’s worth keeping an eye on, since ATS’s growth may well prove exponential in the coming 6-8 months.

Set to be launched in early 2022 (estimated around March), the ATS Wallet allows for new investors to actively buy shares right now, which are going at a price of $0.30 currently, and are set to reach a price of $1 by March 2022. Of course, now that ATS has been acquired by Coinbase, the price of ATS will depend on the management of the parent company and its IPO strategy.

Giant cryptocurrency company Coinbase has long been focused on investing in projects that have potential on the crypto market. Their purchase of US-based Abacon Technology Solution LLC (the company behind the ATS Wallet) signals a definite shift towards mainstream and global adoption. This purchase is set to bring cryptocurrencies closer in from the fringes of the financial world, and ought to be something that investors keep in mind.