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Interviewee: Alexander Gustin 
Interviewing: Jemaurie Beneche

I have had the idea of starting my own clothing brand since I was in 10th grade and since then and still to this day I’ve been doing my own research on how to start the brand and grow my audience. Through the years I have made many different connections mainly through Instagram and I have been using the same connections to help me push this brand. The wheels didn’t start really moving until recently and the anticipation for the first drop is more than I was expecting.

Any Meaning Behind Crescent?
Back in high school when I first had the idea to start a brand I would always let my good friend Xavier know what I was thinking about and I told him about the clothing idea. We were trying to come up with a name for the brand and for some odd reason, we had this weird obsession with the way the crescent moon looked like. Then we got really deep into it and he asked me what I thought it symbolizes. Now to be honest I had no idea what it symbolized, but I thought it symbolized empowerment considering how close it was bringing me and his friendship. As I grew older I’m learning that the crescent moon symbol is somewhat popular in many religions which kind of backs up my thought of what I thought it symbolized back then. So yea to sum it down the meaning behind all of this is to come together and have people in my signature clothing to show empowerment as a whole.

Are You Solo Operated? & Do You Have Any Big Collabs You Want To Share?
For the most part yes. This mission is solo dolo the majority of the time, but I do have a couple of people that help promo the brand at times or model. At the moment I have no collabs finalized, but I have a really big collab that is HUGE and unfortunately can’t share just yet, but I really want to get a collab in with my boy @thehxliday.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 3 Years With This Brand?
In the next 3 years, I want. No, I will have my own shop open in Boston, at least one person repping my brand in every single State, Shit IDK taking over the world *laughs*

Do you Want To Mention That Helped You Get To Where You Are Now?
Shoutout to my family of course for supporting me through my highs & lows, my dawg TheHxliday helped in so many ways this interview would take mad long to finish but i love that man so much! , all the Cult 33 Members, my boys back home in Boston, and Xavier! without them I wouldn’t have started this clothing brand at all. Love them to death.

Where Can The People Go To Keep Up With Your Brand?
TikTok: @crescentclothes

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