Chris Bianchi Entrepreneur Interview

Hello Chris Bianchi, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! How did you become an Entrepreneur?
To be honest, I think it came naturally in time. Since I can remember, even being around 6 years old, I used to paint rocks and try to sell them to the neighbors. Another thing from my childhood was putting on my own little concerts for the kids in the neighborhood. I would put play my favorite tape and sing and dance along for a quarter. It’s been something that through mainly hands-on trial and error has continued my path in entertainment.

Did you have any special school or training to achieve this?
I did not really at all. I was an average student. Often bored by the things we were learning at school because my imagination was busy running wild thinking of performing and music all the time. I finished High School online as my band from then was touring by 12th grade around the United States. After about 2 weeks of attempting College, I had enough of that and committed myself to “make it” full-time on my own accord.

What is one piece of advice for an up-and-coming Entrepreneur?
If you truly believe in something that you want to achieve. There is nearly always a way. You need to break it down piece by piece and look to solve the elements of how did this thing get from an idea- to becoming reality. Don’t look for why not’s but seek the how to adapt, adjust, and keep going method.

How do you continue to push yourself to achieve goals?
As I’ve seen many of the world’s richest men claim, it’s just something that comes once you get in the trenches of things. It’s all you know. Even with having financial stability for some or extreme for others, you still do it because it’s what you’re great at and what you love (in most cases) I’m never satisfied with sitting back and relaxing once one goal is achieved. It just lights the fire for me to try the next thing and see what can happen!

Who is one of your heroes in today’s industry?
I honestly don’t really have any “heroes”. There are people I like or relate to in ways and of course, respect for their achievements. 99.9% are beyond what I could ever fathom. I look for people who inspire the world.

You can keep up with Chris Bianchi as he operates CB Entertainment. A worldwide music artist management company. As well, Legend Recordings. A music record label that has rock and heavy metal artists from all over the globe. He continues to push his vision on his own terms. Find Chris here