Choosing a Venue for Your Corporate Awards Ceremony: A Guide

Choosing a venue for your corporate awards ceremony can often be easier said than done, and you may struggle to find a venue that really speaks to you. As such, if you are having difficulty with finding a venue and are concerned that you may have to cancel your awards ceremony due to a lack of venue, here are some top tips for finding the perfect venue for your company’s awards ceremony.

· Choose an Exciting Venue

When you are choosing a venue for your corporate awards ceremony, you should make sure that this venue excites your employees. By doing this, you will be able to build up the grandeur of the occasion and the excitement for the event itself. Not only this, but you will likely be able to boost attendance levels as more of your employees will be interested in visiting the venue in question. As such, you should consider looking for a sophisticated venue and that may be off-limits unless you book an event within it, rather than simply choosing the nearest hotel or events centerto host your event in.

· Make the Venue Meaningful

You should also try to find a venue that holds meaning. For instance, you might consider hiring a venue that is connected to your company in some way, such as a hotel or meeting space where your business idea first came to you or where you held your first business meeting. You might even consider hosting the event in the same venue each year to create an annual tradition that adds to your company culture and to ensure that each winner feels as if they are the next in a long line of great employees. You should also try and find a venue that inspires your staff and that makes them passionate about your company once more.

· Make it Historic

With these factors in mind, there is no venue better for your corporate awards ceremony than a historic house. This historic house can ensure that your employees become enraptured by the weight of history in front of them, while providing a large space for all of your employees to gather in. As such, you should consider whether Grade 1 listed buildings, such as Adlington Hall in Cheshire in the UK, might be able to accommodate your company’s needs and create a memorable event that everyone will be honored to be part of.

· Go the Distance

You should also try not to put limits on the distance of your venue from your offices or workplace, as this will ensure that you can find the right venue for your event without any issues and that your employees can anticipate traveling to attend the awards event. However, if you are planning to hire a venue that is some distance from your usual workplace, you should provide transport for your employees, ensure that it is in an easy-to-find location, and make sure that it is easily accessible for any press that you invite to your awards ceremony.