Chicago-Based Rapper ISA Released His Newest Track “Every Time”

No matter how hard and demotivating the year 2020 has been for us, hard times don’t stop people with high determination from living their dreams. And one such person is Isa Ahad, also known as ISA. The rising artist continues his 2021 breakout with a new track. The rapper has released his newest single titled “Every Time,” which follows earlier this year’s offerings such as “First,” “Extra,” and “Killers Cry.”

The artist has created a mesmerizing track to keep people’s souls alive during these heart-rending times. “Every Time” is not just any ordinary song; it contains all of his memories from the darkest times of the rapper’s life.

“Every Time,” like much of his earlier work, is heavily influenced by the time ISA spent in jail and the various conversations he would have with his fellow inmates. The message behind the new track, which draws creative influences from artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne, is about living with a mindset of consistency and giving your all to whatever your hustle is.

ISA’s newest track is one of those songs that will immediately earworm the audience. It has beautiful lyricism along with excellent background music. If you are fond of passionate and thoughtful music, this track is for you then.

Speaking about his newest track, “Every Time”, the rapper said, “…when I went to jail, a lot of the older inmates talked about all their regrets and things they wished they would’ve pursued if they didn’t land inside. So I told myself if I made it out, I’d put my all into pursuing music. The meaning of ‘Every Time’ is really about consistency in whatever and everything that you do.”

ISA’s “Every Time” is now streaming across all major digital platforms, including Spotify. You can follow ISA on Instagram for more information on his upcoming projects.