Cheyne Kupfer & A Champion Beginning from eBay as Kid

Cheyne Kupfer made money on eBay when she was just seven years old. Kupfer has now expanded his company to include sales, trade, and eCommerce. The young entrepreneur came from a low-income family. 

He left his job at 22 and found success outside the traditional 9-to-5 tradition because he had the attitude of doing something different.

Kupfer has had a passion for business since he was a child. Kupfer focused on his golden rule of sales – ‘repeat, repeat, and repeat.’ Kupfer worked on a variety of side hustles, including cryptocurrency trading.

He has since broadened his horizons and is now focusing on various commercial enterprises, including trade, sales, and eCommerce, if one of them takes off. The greater profits he can earn if he diversifies his portfolio and concentrates on these three areas.

Don’t bother with failure

While others may be afraid of failure, Kupfer uses his setbacks as inspiration and understands that failure is necessary for success.

Kupfer describes his trading experience as teaching him. He does believe that all you need to win is to double your failure rate.

While he may not be the greatest at everything, his attitude and work ethic has enabled him to achieve his full potential. His biggest aim is to have a good mindset, which he achieves through picturing his future, meditating, and listening to motivational talks.

Mr. Kuper appreciates collaboration with all kinds of people. His accomplishments include providing $100,000 to a local MMA gym trying to stay open and delivering equipment to a local MMA that is battling to stay open.

Kupfer is now focusing on start-up projects, notably those aimed at assisting people in developing nations find work.

A man with financial freedom and kindness

Cheyne Kupfer achieved financial independence through hard work. He doesn’t care what everyone thinks, right? Consider what you want to achieve and then go ahead and do it.

This is sound advice that Kupfer has followed, and despite the name of his YouTube channel, Retiree at 23, he has no plans to slow down.

Kupfer now wants to help others attain financial independence as he has. He created his news channel for that.

Cheyne Kupfer desires to be known as a man who helps as many people as he can. Kupfer, a seemingly unstoppable young entrepreneur, has built a sophisticated, diversified business portfolio spanning various industries from his infancy in a broken household.

Kupfer is now living life on his terms and concentrating on assisting others in doing so as well. He is doing it with dignity, and many people get financial independence through his advice through his YouTube channel.

Current projects of interest

He is building sales teams of hungry people from all walks of life who want to be financially independent, both within the real-estate industry and in the financial sector as well as providing everyday people with access to A-grade outsourcing through his pet project VA inc.

Now his sector of interest is to give benefit to the people through his business. 

To know more about Cheyne Kupfer visit his Instagram @Cheynekupfer