Cheap Shipping Container Storage in Melbourne

So, you’re a typical bloke from London or somewhere else in the world and have just decided to move into Melbourne, Australia – the crown jewel of the south. But when you arrive at your apartment you see that it needs some work. What do you do with all your things? You hire a shipping container storage company to take care of that for you, of course! Lucky for you there are plenty of those in Melbourne. Now you can spend time cleaning and remodeling your apartment before you unpack your boxes full of your personal belongings.

Make Every Penny Count

Moving to another location, whether local or overseas, is not an easy feat to accomplish, especially if this decision is for a long-term purpose and you bring most, if not all, of your personal belongings along. The amount of effort and financial resources involved is just staggering and if you do not plan for it in advance, you may end up taking out cash from your savings unnecessarily. 

Didn’t know that spending requires some strategy too, did you?

From booking your airplane tickets, to the Uber fare, and even your hotel reservations, you have to have a well laid out plan on how much you need to spend. Avoiding cost overruns in the process is the ultimate goal of all the planning and preparation. Now as for the shipping container storage that you plan on hiring, you need to be smart with that too!

Here are some tips in choosing the best storage company to work with in Melbourne:

  • Make sure that you’ll only lease shipping container storage units that are made of high-grade steel and not wooden ones. Steel containers help protect against the weather, fire, vermin and thieves; keeping your cargo safe and secure at all times.
  • The storage company should also provide steel padlock protectors, because even padlocks can be destroyed with crawbars and sledge hammers. This will keep your rented shipping container storage safe in case you want it delivered on site.
  • Check to see if their shipping container storage units have built-in tie rails on the inner walls and ceiling. Tie rails are great for keeping your cargo immobilized and prevent load shifting while in storage or transit.
  • This may not be a requisite but it would be a very thoughtful gesture for the storage company if they provided you with additional protection for your furniture. A complimentary felt furniture blankets and protective covers can be the difference between customer retention and customer turnover.
  • You may also want to look at their business history and reputation among the locals of Melbourne. If they provide a great service, then they’re good for you; if not, then don’t even think about doing business with them.
  • Visit their facility where they keep all the shipping container storage units. Check to see if it is protected by 24/7 CCTV and alarm systems, this will help you decide if they provide good security and keep your cargo safe and secure round the clock.
  • A top quality self-storage company should also include insurance coverage on their customer’s property that’s stored in their shipping container storage units. Never sign a lease form without it.
  • And lastly, they should have a staff of professional removalists who can help you pack your belongings, load them into the shipping container storage unit and unpack them at the designated area of your choice.

Let’s Do the Math

You need to calculate the Shipping Container storage costs in order to understand what you pay per cubic meter of storage space. It would do you no good if you’re paying too much for storage space per week. Now let’s see what’s the most reasonable price that a storage company in Melbourne offers.

  • To effectively calculate the volume of a 10ft Container storage, ask the storage company for its dimensions in meters. It would be difficult to make calculations if they used a different unit of measure otherwise.
  • A typical 10-footer shipping container storage unit has these dimensions: length of 2.0 meters, width of 2.3 meters and height of 2.8 meters, and should have a total volume of 18.67m3 capacity. Lots of space for an individual who needs to clear out his/her single bedroom apartment.
  • In order for you to see how much you’re paying per cubic meter per week, you just need to divide the total storage volume by the rate they lease their shipping container storage unit. For example, the weekly lease fee is $34.95 / 18.67m3 = $1.87 per m3 per week.

What Will You Get Out of This Deal?

Finding a Cheap shipping container rental in Melbourne is actually quite easy to do, the hard part is finding one that not only offers affordable pricing to their mobile storage units, but also provides excellent service. A good storage company should be easy to reach via phone, email or chat support on their website. Transactions shouldn’t take long and they ought to explain everything in detail to you (i.e. pricing, services included, features, staff help, insurance, etc.).

They should offer promotions and complimentary services to give you that extra perk that you never expected, yet surprises you in a good way. The focus of their business should be you (the customer) and not just about making money. Not only do they have great reviews online, but local people often applaud them for their amazing service when you ask around about their business reputation. Their staff are super friendly and helpful.