Charge ahead with Jamixson’s new single “No Looking Back” 

“No Looking Back”, a new song by Jamixson, was recently released. It has surpassed all expectations by breaking streaming records across all platforms. Fans are gradually becoming aware of Jamixson and his great music. As a result, Peter is today the center of attention. 

He knows a lot more about music than he lets on, despite his sudden celebrity. He can create fascinating sounds and beats that will have you dancing all around the home. 

This year, he published his EP. The tracks were placed in a precise order for a specific reason. They work together to give the listener a remarkable experience. That’s why, once you’ve heard the EP once, you’ll keep pressing the repeat button. 

His recent celebrity has made him a popular topic of conversation on social media. Without a doubt, he’s an artist to keep an eye on. Without a doubt, great things are in store for him in the future. 

Listen to the song on Spotify:

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