CEO Lady Charlotte Armstrong wants people to Stay Safe & Stay Glam with @TooGlamHQ

Her one-of-a-kind brand Too Glam HQ stands unique, offering Biodegradable diamond dust Vegan Hair Products.

With the emergence of varied industries and niches, we also saw the rise of several entrepreneurs and powerful figures in the world of business. Most importantly, it was the rise of female entrepreneurs that took people by surprise and even astounded them with the level of success the female brigade achieved in their respective industries. All of this can be attributed to their incessant hard work, persistence and their hunger to reach for excellence in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Lady Charlotte Armstrong is one amongst these powerful business personalities who have shown that a woman is worth so much more and that they can handle anything and everything. She has been doing just that as a multiple-business owner, an actress and a mother to 5 children.

“Bringing Glam to All” is what Lady Charlotte highlights while talking about her glam brand named “Too Glam HQ.” She is a multipreneur, who as a mother, broke barriers and emerged as a true winner with all her businesses and with her career as an actress. With Too Glam HQ, she asserts that people can choose a safer brand and yet stay glam with their choice. Too Glam HQ is all about this and much more, which has been carefully created to make sure it provides value to people through the products that Lady Charlotte meticulously curates.

Too Glam HQ

Speaking further about Too Glam HQ, Lady Charlotte says, “It stands as a one-of-a-kind brand in the market because it offers biodegradable diamond dust vegan hair products.” Adding more, she says, “It was high time to introduce a brand in the hair and beauty industry that could offer vegan and cruelty-free products so that people could one end remain safe and on the other could radiate their glam side. That is how I came up with Too Glam HQ, for serving clients with the right kind of products, providing goodness.”

Founded in 2020 by Lady Charlotte, her love for Bling and passion for ethical products have taken the brand to great success levels and offers winning products like Bling Hair Sanitiser, Signature Fragrance, Glam Boxes © Monthly Subscription, Glam Shampoo ©, Glam Conditioner ©, Leave-in Conditioner ©, and other products. On Instagram, they are already a family of over 400K followers.

They have also done Pop up Glam Stops with Glam Squad throughout London, LA, and NYC. They stand out from the rest for recycling products with refill pouches. On a parting shot, Lady Charlotte says, “There is no such thing as too much Bling.”

Know more about Too Glam HQ on Instagram @tooglamhq or follow her @itsladycharlotte