Celebrity Photographer Filbert Kung Opens Solo Exhibit in Milan, Italy

Celebrity fashion photographer Filbert Kung will open his first solo exhibit, Blinded by the Light, in Milan, Italy on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. Presented by Daniela Javarone, this exclusive, one-day-only event will be held in collaboration with the City Angels charity organization. With over 18 years of professional photography experience, Filbert is marking a new era in his career with this star-studded event.

Blinded by the Light represents the irony of using the lens to capture moments that the untrained human eye may not perceive at first glance. As supernovas and stars shine bright enough to transmit their lights across unfathomable spaces, they are known only for their visual appeal of guiding travelers across uncharted distances and providing beauty and wonder to the average night sky observer. Much like these stars, many celebrities and notable figures of the modern era can seem distant, known only for their physical beauty and accomplishments. However, in his exhibit, Filbert mirrors the starlight with the flash of his camera as he illuminates the very souls of his muses. In these fleeting bursts of dazzling light, Filbert captures the unfiltered emotions of each subject and shows that sometimes the realest truths can emerge from moments of blindness. With this exhibition, Filbert warmly welcomes others to see these rare moments of reflection from his exclusive point of view as the man behind the lens.

By capturing his unique perspectives on people, places, and cultures, Filbert not only appreciates the beauty in everyday things, but he also encourages others to relish in the beauty with him. He creates vibrancy and intrigue in even the most mundane of situations, capturing raw emotions and telling entire stories through his elegant visuals. As he uses his creativity to convey his individuality, Filbert creates his signature photography style that satisfyingly combines boldness, simplicity, and emotion. He is widely renowned for his black-and-white images that transcend the bounds of physical and traditional beauty and capture the real emotion and souls behind his subjects.

As Filbert globalizes his career, he has given himself the unique opportunity to work with celebrities and publications from around the world. While he is currently based in Los Angeles, he has found high demand and appreciation internationally in places like New York, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Manila, Paris, and Milan. Managed by Carlo Riva and represented by NOW PR LA, Filbert is excited to continue expanding his repertoire with striking images for editorial and corporate clients.

With a portfolio that boasts prestigious publications such as NOW Magazine LA, IN Magazine Dubai, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue, Filbert showcases his sophisticated, yet nuanced, take on fashion and portrait photography. He counts himself extremely fortunate to be entrusted with the portraits of various respectable individuals. He has worked with actors like Chris Evans and Pierce Brosnan, musicians like Brian May of Queen, and Miss Universe titleholders like Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray.

With a natural inclination to express himself through art, Filbert’s passion for his craft stemmed from an initial interest in paintings and drawings. However, after his father introduced him to the creative outlet of photography, he started capturing film portraits with his first and favorite muse, his mother, and he knew that he had found his life’s greatest passion. After moving to New York from the Philippines in 2015, Filbert started shooting for top celebrities and advertising campaigns. Eventually, his affinity for the arts grew into a globally recognized career with a star-studded cast of muses and the humbling opportunity to tell other people’s stories through his signature medium. Now, with his Blinded by the Light photo exhibit, Filbert is ready to tell these stories to new audiences and let them see the beautifully honest world through his finely tuned eyes.

By Roxy De Guzman