Catch Syed Farooq Ahmed Dubai Based Blogger, Find Out How He Is Helping Others

Hello Syed Farooq Ahmed! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? 
I was born and raised in Pakistan, got my software engineering from Scotland UK, moved to an incredible city in Dubai after completing my higher studies in 2010 and started working here as Account Manager.

I love to discover different kinds of food and adventure places to share on different platforms with my audience to keep them updated on what’s new in the city. I have uncovered many restaurants and fun activities in Dubai so far that are not very common, but exciting. You can check more on my Instagram @iamsyedfarooqahmed or

Why did you decide to start a food blog? 
Before visiting the location, we all read the reviews and I used to do the same before I was deceived by a fake internet review that really disappointed and embarrassed me, that was the day I decided to support others with the genuine feedback on restaurants and food, began to review food and other adventurous activities in Dubai city on my own, people appreciated my effort and I started receiving positive response from readers.

Do you follow the trending people of your industry? 
I do follow popular bloggers and influencers from all over the globe and many of them are doing fabulous work when it comes to. 

What is your favorite Middle-eastern dish? 
Shish Tawook and Hummus are the most common and delicious middle eastern dish.

What is your favorite healthy food? 
I love having Acai Bowl and Caesar Salad

And your favorite cheat food? 
BBQ Chicken Pizza

Which restaurants/food would you recommend to food lovers?
Unfortunately, I do not list names, but my reviews for restaurants and food can be found on Instagram, Google, TripAdvisor by the name of iamsyedfarooqahmed or my website Some of the best Persian and Lebanese restaurants are located in downtown Dubai and if you are a fan of south Asian cuisine head towards Bur Dubai and Karama, give it a shot and it won’t disappoint you!

Something people don’t know about you? 
I love cooking too and sometimes if get a chance I do add variations to the food by myself in the restaurants as being a blogger some allow the access to the kitchen .

What would be your dream destination regarding food?
Turkey have some of the best food there like Gozleme, Turkish Delight, Kumper and I would love to try “Balik Ekmek” Fresh fish sandwich anyone? This scrummy street food is a very common sight in Turkey, especially in areas near to the sea. The fish fillet is generally grilled and can be fried too is typically an oily fish such as mackerel, served with several vegetables, inside Turkish bread. 

 What is your own definition of happiness? 
A feeling that you have been honest with yourself and others around you; a feeling that in your personal life and work you have done the best you can; your wish and ability to love and appreciate others.

Which is your favorite book?
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the book came out in 1989 written by Stephen Covey is still the best in my opinion.

Your idea of a perfect Sunday?
Picnic plans with family and friends or relaxing and eat homemade food. 

 What’s next for Syed Farooq Ahmed in 2021?
In 2021, I will continue to write blogs and helpful reviews for my audience as many as I can and explore new food and enjoyable destinations for them.