Careers in Cloud Security

A career in Cloud Security is one of the most prominent roles within the entire Cyber Security domain. Cloud is growing tremendously, and businesses are adopting it to be dynamic and future-ready. With increasing cloud adoption, security takes center stage in the cloud space to ensure business data remains secure. Check out this CCSP Training Online to help you get started through structured content that will help you clear the cert. 

The rising importance of Cloud Security

Organizations of varying sizes are using cloud services in one form or another as three different services; one which is about infrastructure (IaaS), one which is related to platform (PaaS), and the last one is about software (SaaS) offered by various Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Azure, or GCP. According to various reports, 91% of companies use Public Cloud services, and 72% use Private Cloud services. 

Many companies deploy their cloud team or center of excellence team, and many others will implement solutions shortly. 

According to a Statista report, 33% of businesses are extremely concerned about Public Cloud security, and 42% report they are very concerned, while only 1% are happy with the current security. 

These reports underline the rising importance of Cloud Security to ensure that data and workloads remain secure. 

Let’s go by (ISC)2’s 2021 Cloud Security Report. 96% of security professionals are concerned about the safety of the Public Cloud scenario. 64% are concerned about data loss, 46% are concerned about accidental exposure of credentials, 62% are worried about confidentiality issues, and 44% are concerned about regulatory compliance. 

The concerns in Public Cloud translate into many security issues that could make pave the way for security breaches and data loss. 

A unique aspect of a Cloud Security career

Every business or company has different requirements for securing its cloud infrastructure. However, according to (ISC)2 study, around 81% of firms state that their traditional solutions have limited functionalities or don’t work at offering full protection in the modern context. 

Cloud technologies are evolving rapidly, and security is becoming a paramount factor in ensuring that the customers’ data are safe and secure from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. A Cyber Security career, in general, requires professionals to keep up with the latest technologies and threats that are facing today. 

Various threats could affect cloud services like DDoS attacks, security breaches, malware injections, insecure APIs, and ever-evolving malicious tactics to destabilize cloud security using modern, sophisticated techniques. 

Interested in becoming a Cloud Security expert? You must be willing to learn new skills, tools, and technologies every day. In addition, you must possess good problem-solving, critical, and lateral thinking skills, among various other skills. 

With these skill sets, you will be able to acquire entry-level jobs like Cyber Security Consultant, Security Analyst, Risk Analyst, Security Architect, Security Engineer, etc. 

Speaking of the technical skills, you will be required to be proficient in a cloud service provider, system configuration, virtualization, cloud architecture, Identity and Access Management, encryption, etc. 


With these skills and certifications, you will stand apart from your peers. If you are a beginner at CCSP, check out CCSP Tutorial for Beginners to better understand. 

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