Canada Goose Appointed Kate Upton as its Brand Ambassador

Canada Goose has allegedly appointed model and actress Kate Upton as its brand ambassador. Kate will be responsible for the brand’s spring 2020 global campaign, and also be raising awareness on climate change, as the company is planning to continue its support of Polar Bears International.

The spring campaign, fronted by Kate, will be featuring a seasonal expansion of the Polar Bears International collection.

Speaking about the association, Kate said, “I first discovered Canada Goose when I was in Antarctica and temperatures were as low as -20°F… that jacket kept me from freezing! I’ve used their products from the most extreme cold temperatures to rainy downpours and their quality is second-to-none. After being a long-time fan, I’m proud to officially partner together and to support the incredible work they do for the environment. I’ve learned that what’s happening in the Arctic, doesn’t stay in the Arctic – and Canada Goose is a company that is making a difference.”

President and Chief Executive, Canada Goose, Dani Reiss said, “Kate is a progressive thinker, a role model, and a passionate advocate who has a positive influence on the world. We admire and are inspired by her focus on making this a better place for future generations. As an authentic and driven entrepreneur who inspires those around her, Kate naturally exudes our brand values, and we are thrilled to have her represent this important collection.”