Can you scrap car without ID?

If you have an old vehicle lying in your garage, scrapping it might be a good idea. There are expert car removals Sydney companies that specialise in disposal of old and dilapidated vehicles. If your vehicle breaks down very frequently and you are spending a lot more than the value of the car on its repairs, then scrapping it will be a wise decision.

When you have decided that you want to remove your car, the first thing that you must do is hire a company that provides cash for scrap cars Sydney. Once you have hired a removal company, find out what documents and paperwork is needed, this will give you enough time to put everything in order.

Documents needed for car removal Sydney

In order to scrap your vehicle, your car removal company will need to verify your identity and your ownership of the vehicle. Here are the documents that they will ask for:

  • Proof of identity – Driver’s license or passport
  • V5c – Also known as the logbook of vehicle
  • MOT/Service history – though it is not essential, but it is desirable

Once the dealer or buyer verifies your ID, both the parties will sign the section 9 of the logbook. Do not worry if this is the first time you are filling the logbook, the buyer will help you. However, sending the filled logbook to the DVLA will be your responsibility.

Once the logbook or V5c has been signed, you can hand over the MOT or service history. Though having the service history for your car is not compulsory, but having it handy will help you get a good price for your car. With these documents, you will also have to hand over the car’s keys to the dealer.

Why do you need an ID proof?

An ID proof is defined as a legal requirement in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, 2013. This is a legal requirement to prevent the sale of stolen vehicles or its parts. The dealer is required to check and verify the identification of the person who is selling the car. A passport or driving license are accepted as valid ID proofs.

What should you do in case of missing documents?

If any documents are missing or you are not able to put them together, inform the dealer beforehand. Some documents such as the V5c can be easily replaced, you can apply for a duplicate v5c and you will get it in few minutes. To apply for it, you will need:

  • Registration number
  • VIN or Chassis number
  • Name and postcode as per the log book

Getting a duplicate v5c will cost you a small amount and you can only do it if the vehicle is in your possession.

It is important that you inform the dealer beforehand about any missing documents. If you are missing the service history then the dealer will spend time in inspecting the car and understanding its condition.

You will receive a certificate of destruction from the dealer which is given in receipt of a vehicle that is getting scrapped. It proves that that the previous owner has disposed the vehicle and is relieved of all legal responsibility related to the vehicle.