Cabinet gas heaters and why they are banned in Sydney

Indoor portable gas heaters which are also popularly known as cabinet heaters are legally banned in Australia for a long time, since 1980s. But recently heaters manufactured in other countries are being sold in the country through a few auction sites. But users of this particular equipment are required to understand that gas heaters were banned because there were major concerns related with safety and they cannot be safety certified for being used in Australia.

What are cabinet gas heaters?

A cabinet gas heater actually a portable gas heater for indoor use purpose with a standard 9kg gas bottle that is commonly used for barbecue typically placed inside the heater cabinet itself.

Reasons for banning cabinet heaters

If you contact any professional gas plumber who are licensed for selling Gas Installation Sydney services they will tell you everything about the dangers associated with this product and here are a few reasons for which they have been banned in Australia;

  • Any kind of leak in the LPG tank, hose or the regulator in indoor conditions can have devastating effect.
  • They do not pass the strict emission testing standard as per Australian Government regulations.
  • Absence of standard safety features those are commonly found in various types of gas heaters.
  • Being portable there is a high chance of these heaters being used in places where they are prohibited and this can result in serious safety hazards.
  • The fittings with which these foreign made heater come are most of the times not compatible with available Australian fittings.
  • The safety track record that these heaters have in other countries is not acceptable as per Australian standards.

Potential safety hazards of a cabinet heater

Some of the potential situations when a cabinet heater can prove itself extremely dangerous for your family as well as your property are –

  • Gas Leaks: A leak in the 9kg LPG bottle inside a closed environment can be dangerous. Close proximity of the gas cylinder and the hose to the burner is a danger in itself for even a small leak will be catching fire immediately and as leaking gas inside a closed room will take longer to dissipate they can create a real dangerous situation.
  • Emission standards: When it comes to emission standards of gas appliance combustion Australia has the toughest standards to maintain among all countries and naturally appliances made in other courtiers fail to pass the test and cannot be legally used in the country.
  • Absence of common safety devices: Common safety devices like oxygen depletion sensors for checking oxygen level inside the room or tilt cut-off switches are missing in the cabinet heaters sold via online auction sites and buying one of those means that you putting your family members into the path of danger that can even be life threatening at times.
  • Misuse: Misuse is a major concern and reason behind banning these heaters and you should ask your local Plumbers Sydney for safer alternatives. An LPG gas cylinder is not safe to use in closed rooms, bedrooms or hallways and anyone uninformed can put themselves in danger by doing this.