“C8, “The New Single By Josh Remi

Josh Remi is America’s rising star. With his debut single, “C8 “, he has set his pace towards positioning himself at the music charts.

What makes this single interesting is the unique metaphor that Josh delivers. If you listen to this song without reading the lyrics and knowing the background, you might think that this is one of the love songs you hear on the radio. But in fact, this is a love song, but the story’s main protagonist is the Corvette C8 and not the girl (which you can conclude from the title). Yes, Josh is an enormous car enthusiast with a special love for Corvette. So this is a story about a car. This might not be for anyone, but we’re sure that Corvette lovers and octane addicts will see this as their song. Josh clearly has his niche, as this song has great potential to be played at car shows or even motion pictures involving cars, races, and similar motives.

As far as the song goes, we see it as brave. Why? R & B hits take up a catchy 2-3 minute format that is “radio friendly. ” But Josh did it his way, setting it for a 5-minute format. You may like this or not, but we see this as a bold statement that Josh Remi does his music his way. This attitude deserves appreciation, and if he chooses to build upon it, we’re sure he will impose himself as an artist with integrity. We respect that.

The song starts with an unusual 1.5-minute intro that is dark, dramatic, and atmospheric. After that, the music suddenly jumps into an upbeat R&B blast. The song requires a more solid bridge between the two parts. We didn’t feel the connection between the dark intro and the rest of the song as they delivered a totally different atmosphere, and when observed collectively, it may sound a little bit off. The R&B part, however, has a solid flow, and it gets you in motion instantly. At first, listen, our hips and shoulders started dancing on their own as the song really had momentum. Technically, Josh is a great singer with high-quality vocals, and the production is high-level with bass and beats that get your juices going. 

As far as the accompanying music video is concerned, it is excellent and well-produced but could use more originality as it revolves around classic and, to some point, cliche motives we’ve seen in many videos (hot girls and fast cars).

But taking into account that Josh is a newcomer on the scene if he continues like this, he might position himself as a new star, especially as he has his specific octane niche.

All in all, C8 deserves a listen and will have its audience. Josh needs to continue developing his gritty attitude, as it can potentially become something big.

Listen on Youtube:

You can connect on website: www.joshremi.com/