Budding artist Benjamin Lewis’ second single, “KILL” is out now on all platforms

Benjamin Lewis is an up-and-coming artist exploring infinite sonic rabbit holes with his unparalleled style that seems to acknowledge no boundaries in time or place. Pushing the genre boundaries and carving his own indelible niche in a dynamic style that takes influences from several styles and genres to make up a well-rounded sound, his innate competency to present music in multiple styles, all the while maintaining a consistent brand, is something to behold!

After tearing a hole in the mainstream scene with his debut masterclass in “Waiting for a Sign” that got the industry’s ears tingling, Benjamin is back with another epic performance in “KILL”- the second single off of his upcoming debut EP.

“KILL” is sonically, essentially, and lyrically different from the debut, but the two tracks share a common denomination; perception, charisma, raw talent, and performance value as deep as fingerprints and this is the case even with his other tracks from the EP.

With cinematic scores over heavy drops and escorted by a very poised, confident, and ear-gracing vocal presentation, this is the kind of song that stops you in your tracks and gets you heavily invested from the get-go.

His lyricism is bold and catches the listener right away. The instrumentation is crisp and relentless, and his haunting voice is the right fit for the lyrics and style. And like the best songs out there, the story sounds like it truly came from the artist’s personal experience, which is what makes it so relatable.

And like his previous video, this one also features scenes from an abandoned warehouse with Benjamin wrapped in a mummy to drive the track’s relevant theme home.

“KILL” is the kind of situation where you are fighting between trying to be yourself and pleasing others, which is an impossible task because you can only be one or the other but not both. Therefore, this is an ode to being yourself at all times and not conforming to other people’s expectations of you or that societal pressure!

“KILL” is already streaming on all the popular platforms, waiting for your stamp of approval. Follow the attached link and savor this performance.

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