British doctor says UK Hospitals even worse than Ukraine

A British doctor has warned hospitals in the UK are so overcrowded that the situation in the UK’s National Health Services (NHS) is even worse than in war-torn Ukraine. Doctor Paul Ransom claimed that in a letter to his local Brighton newspaper, The Argus.

“Sometimes I feel guilty at seeing my NHS colleagues trying to keep patients safe and sometimes even keep them alive in conditions that are worse than those I see in many hospitals I work overseas,” said Dr Ransom.

The doctor added that “I have worked in many places like Ukraine, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe but very rarely saw corridors overflowing with patients waiting for a cubicle”. Dr Ransom expressed that no other European country would expose patients to these conditions.

“In Ukraine, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and many other places I have worked, I very rarely see corridors overflowing with patients waiting for a cubicle, with nursing and medical staff at their wits’ end as to how to pick the most serious patients to bring into a resuscitation room that is already doubling up on beds,” he added.

In the letter, Dr Ransom gave suggestions like setting up temporary medical infrastructure as it was done during the Covid. He also added that the government should increase staffing levels, elevate staff salaries and use temporary facilities.