British Alt/Pop band Little Victories Releases New Single “Love Gets Me Down”

Little Victories are a British three-piece, alt pop band laced with dancing guitars, twin vocals and a homemade 6 string bass. A kaleidoscope of genres, the band is a one stop shop for all your emotional needs calling on influences such as The 1975, Bon Iver and Oh Wonder. Consisting of three different musical souls, Marcus Gooda, Nay Shalom and Sam Rose, collectively the trio pen relatable music with the hopes to connect with audiences around the world. 

Covering topics from mental health, self-love, relationships and being generally understood, the band want to reinforce a sense of unity and connection that has been lost recently. The band reveals, “We want to instill a level of hope and connection that reassures our audiences that we all go through ups and downs – and that’s life. Everyone has their own story with their own challenges/heartbreak/highs and lows and when we realise that, the situations/feelings that often overwhelm us become less daunting and we feel less alone. Each day becomes about the little victories that get us through i.e. family, friends, music, small wins, faith, etc, hence the band name.”

Their latest single “Love Gets Me Down” is a confessional track detailing a rough patch with mental health whilst the people around you can’t or don’t understand why. The band confides, “We wanted to be personal and relatable whilst also keeping the reasoning ambiguous.” The complementing tones and harmonies from both Gooda and Shalom add a unique dynamic that is a rarity in the music of today. Along with Rose’s playful melodic guitar lines and echoing synths, there is a depth to the track which allows for contemplation and a time to reflect. Inspired by Bon Iver and The 1975 and their ability to fuse electronic elements with traditional band compositions, “Love Gets Me Down” blends these two worlds to create something which is comfortingly familiar, yet excitingly new.