Brenxnrg Hits A Groove On “Shottas”

As an artist who knows how to make club anthems effortlessly, brenxnrg showcases his versatility on his latest track, “Shottas.” He swaps out aggressive 808’s and snappy drums for a slower groove here – floating over a slow and melodic R&B ballot. Rather than flexing, he touches on his love affairs, along with addressing how people try to use him for his clout.

Emotional guitars riff away, and the Miami native swaps flows accordingly. The paced tempo gives room for him to spill his heart over the strings, hitting touchy subjects without second thought. This kind of track is reminiscent of a late-night drive with the windows down in warm weather.

For brenxnrg, 2022 looks bright. Being a hitmaker, he’s not scared of experimenting with new sounds. That’s what makes his music special. While he continues to gear up for an exciting year, it’s clear that everyone should keep an eye on this rising Florida rapper.

Listen To The Hit Single:

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