Bramses Xalyxys Has Released His New EP, “Mysterious Warrior”

Screenwriter and musician Bramses Xalyxys has released the first part of a  three-part EP series, titled “Mysterious Warrior.” The artist takes music lovers and fantasy fans on a journey across the cosmos in this project. He achieves his goal of generating something akin to an audiobook through the use of music. “Mysterious Warrior” combines music and screenwriting to help listeners comprehend the characters and the narrative they are telling themselves. As an added bonus, the EP includes a mini-series that is narrated by sound and that entertains while also creating a fantasy-filled world full of adventure. The story’s protagonist and the planet Vortuxs are revealed in the project. Also, it includes other characters from the story, such as antagonists, wicked bosses, and villains, who will be included in the series. “Mysterious Warrior,” which takes place on the planet Vortuxs, tells the story of an army of dragon wolves called Jagred and Jaet, the first leader of Vortuxs. Jaet longs to meet the other half of the dragon wolves in the hopes of uniting the two and forming “T.A.O.T.B.D.W.” One of the primary goals of the leader of the Vortuxs is to defend his home planet, to firmly maintain the tradition of his predecessors, and to discover who the planet’s original creator was. “Mysterious Warrior,” an EP filled with interesting characters and plots, stresses the planetary setting and monsters while keeping listeners engaged and captivated throughout the project.

Bramses Xalyxys is a musician, composer, and screenwriter. In 2017, he began his musical career as a guitarist by enrolling in “Rock House Method” programs and preparing as a musician. He has also been a big admirer of “rock and metal.” Jake Pitts, Michael Padge, Michael Angelo Batio, Alexi Laiho (R.I.P.), and Matt Heafy are among his musical influences. His favorite bands include, Children of Bodom, Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium, and Kalmah among others. He interacts with several rock and metal subgenres. His compositions incorporate a variety of genres, including pop vocals and subtle EDM sound. Music is a very creative process for him. He aspires to develop multiple mini-series that will be recounted inside the context of his music albums. His skills in both filmmaking and music allowed him to combine the two to push limits and introduce a cinematic approach to his music. The action-packed literary fantasy “Mysterious Warrior” is just the first part of his series of music albums to come. He is dedicated to sending listeners on a journey into uncharted galactic realms, where they will discover a planet filled with adventure, intrigue, and upheaval. All of the songs on his EP are dedicated to the characters and the narratives that they are a part of.

“Mysterious Warrior” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. To know more about Bramses Xalyxys’ upcoming projects, follow him via Instagram.