Blasia on Creating a New Sound: “Pretty Boy Drill”

Have you heard of Drill music? The genre taking over the UK and beyond?

Well, with the power of social media, and TikTok even more so, this sound made it overseas and is becoming quite popular. Artists like Pop Smoke, and Fivio Foreign bring a fresh taste to this sound in the U.S markets, and have been quite successful doing so.

Not far far away from them, in a small town in New Jersey, producer and rapper, Blasia, just put his own twist on it.

“The sound is a fresher and more charismatic take on drill.” He says.

His new song “WALKED IN!” is the perfect example of this.

With the mix of distorted, heavy 808’s, and the upbeat, uplifting sample from one of Blasia’s favorite childhood songs, “Walked In” has a sound you just can’t forget. With over 12,000 streams in the first 7 days, we can see why the population finds such a liking to him.

Some have been referring to his genre as “Pretty Boy Drill” and frankly we like that name. Drill music but….prettier?

Can we push the Pretty Boy Drill agenda?

Take a listen here: