Black Diamond delivers a dynamic boss chic anthem dubbed “Its Givin” featuring Love & Hip Hop star Just Brittany

Dionna Collins famously known as Black Diamond and Iamtheblackdiamond on social media, is a new music artist from Tennesse breaking her way on the scene with a hot new single that’s giving the music industry a stir.

The track is titled “Its Givin” featuring Love & Hip Hop reality tv star Just Brittany.
The song has gained the backing of some very powerful djs in the industry such as Dj Holiday and has also gained radio play notariety.

Some have compared her to the likes of Lil Kim, her voice carries a deep powerful tone that is unique and rare.

Black Diamond is definitely a musical force to be reckoned with.

You can follow her wildly funny content and music on Instagram @Iamtheblackdiamond and on YouTube @Iamtheblackdiamond.