Bitcoin Rodney: Crypto Currency to Celebrity Boxing

Rodney Burton hit brickwalls during his life only to take it to bigger and better things. Burton became Bitcoin Rodney when he got into Crypto when no one else believed in it and turned himself into a self-made millionaire. Burton changed his life around in the last decade becoming an investor in Crypto, and because of his expertise in BTC forecast he has taken his life to where most people only dream of.

Always loving Boxing, Rodney after the pandemic teamed up with Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman to sponsor Celebrity Boxing events, where Burton became a fixture with the Brand and his involvement has taken it to a great place says Feldman.

It works both ways Rodney gets major exposure from Celebrity Boxing that helps brand him and Rodney does what’s needed to make sure the brand gets what’s needed to succeed. Meeting Rodney has been one of the best things to happen to Celebrity Boxing, Rodney’s is a great guy who sees the vision and adds a lot of value to the brand not only as a partner but as a businessman to where Celebrity Boxing’s Value keeps growing.

Celebrity Boxing returns June 11 featuring Blac Chyna a Boxing match in South Florida

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