Billboard Has Landed on the Philippines Shores: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

By: Aracely Gutierrez

After much anticipation, Billboard, the highly-esteemed music and entertainment magazine, will finally arrive in the Philippines this fall. This new launch will be published by Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) of AGC Power Holdings Corp, and the magazine will make its iconic debut in October 2023. Billboard Philippines will be an exemplary addition to the ongoing global expansion of its brand, alongside Billboard China, Japan, Argentina, Vietnam, Italy, and Georgia.

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring Billboard to the Philippines, a nation with a rich history of music and an ever-growing passion for the art form,” said Mike Van, President of Billboard. “We are excited to contribute to the vibrant music scene in the Philippines by sharing its stories, talents, and achievements with the rest of the world,”.

Billboard is notable for its Hot 100 ranked lists, exclusive charts, and overall impact on music media. The glorified music magazine has continued its unrivaled reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable sources for music charts, reviews, events, trends, news, and information related to the music industry. The new edition is set to include all of the features in the typical Billboard magazine, such as great music highlights and recognition for great artists, but will also heavily emphasize local talent.

With its high status and extensive knowledge in entertainment, the brand is eager to exceed the standards of media in all aspects. Billboard Philippines plans to publish magazines full of exciting inside scoops and cover topics including social affairs, concerts, podcasts, and incredible music collaborations. .

In addition to its print magazine, Billboard Philippines will also be taking a digital approach with its very own website where subscribers can stay up to date with all the latest information, new releases, and special features. This exciting edition will also cover a great variety of musical genres including urban OPM, Pinoy folk-pop, Filipino rock, and so many more.

“Our expansion into the Philippine market presents an incredible opportunity to connect with a new audience and to further our mission of providing the most comprehensive and insightful coverage of the music industry worldwide,” continued Van. “We believe that our presence in the Philippines will help to foster a new era of creativity, collaboration, and success for the music industry in the region and beyond”.

Billboard Philippines will also focus on ensuring that all musicians with a passion for their craft are heard, valued, and celebrated. The magazine has already made successful strides following its launch announcement; with many Filipino artists getting recognized on the global stage, the new edition will only benefit the Filipino music industry and talent forever.

Billboard’s DNA is very much aligned with the Filipino’s deeply rooted love for music,” said Anne Bernisca, COO of MMGI. “It’s about time we shine a spotlight on our local artists and bring OPM to a wider, global audience.”

While we await the exciting new brand, stay tuned for more details about the Billboard Philippines launch in the coming months.