Bilal J’s “Next One” is out now

“Next One,” Bilal J’s latest hit, has stolen his fans’ breath away. The song has only been available for a few months. However, in such a short period of time, the song has amassed a sizable fan following. Every day, the number of people who follow you grows somewhat.

Bilal was born in the city of Los Angeles. He understands what the folks of Los Angeles desire in terms of house music. They want something energetic to get the party started and improve their spirits. People want a song that will spice up the occasion. And Bilal, who is obviously aware of the circumstances, is capable of doing so.

Because of Rumor Records, Bilal has been able to share music that he is proud of with the rest of the globe. Throughout the production process, he has been quite vocal. Rumor Records was gracious enough to address his concerns and wants. When we hear the finished product, we are speechless.

Bilal and his music may be found on Spotify here: 

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