Best Tarot Guides: What are the Best Tarot Decks and Top Tarot Guides?

Discover with us the best tarot guides, to explore the various aspects of your tarot practice: divination, personal development, esotericism, Wicca. Each tarot book has its own unique approach, so each provides unique insights about the meanings of tarot cards.

Best Tarot Guide for Self-Help

EXSTATICA shows you how to turn your life into a masterpiece. It explains how to use the Mantegna Tarot to gain more insights about the Four Spheres of life: behavior, emotions, cognition, meaning. 

When these spheres are in harmony, you live a meaningful life that expresses its full potential for the benefit of all. When the Four Spheres are not in synch, problems arise. Each of the first four chapters of this book, analyzes the Mantegna Tarot cards for the corresponding sphere. The remaining chapters explain how to use the cards, integrating them into your daily life. 

Best Encyclopedic Tarot Guide

The Way of Tarot shows that tarot decks are structured like a mandala, which is both an image of the world and a representation of the divine. They explain that the Tarot is a “nomadic cathedral”, whose 78 pillars need to be viewed with an awareness of the whole structure. This understanding is essential to fully grasp the Tarot’s hermetic symbolism. The Way of Tarot was written by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s insights into the Tarot as a spiritual path. 

Best Historic Tarot Book

The Tarot of the Bohemians: The Most Ancient Book in the World for the Use of Initiates was written by Papus. He was a French hypnotist, physician, and occultist famous for founding the modern Martinist Order. Papus’s “Tarot of the Bohemians” represents a key part of the 19th and early 20th century Tarot literature.

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