Best Silicon Metal Suppliers in 2023

Silicon metal is a popular material used in a variety of industries including, construction, textile and manufacturing industries. The metal can be extracted from the earth after which it is refined and manufactured to produce a valuable material used by multiple industries. Silicon is represented by the chemical symbol Si. Unlike steel which has a silver grey colour silicone appears to have a blue-grey color.

Silicone metal is popularly known for its toughness and the ability to handle high stress levels without breaking this is due to its tetravalent bonds.

However, accessing high-quality silicon metal goes hand in hand with purchasing silicon metal from well-established manufacturers and suppliers. Since it can be hectic to find a good supplier, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best silicon metal suppliers in 2023.


Oushi Metal is a metal manufacturing company that rarely misses any list of well-seasoned metal-producing companies. The company was formally established in 2010; however, it has been in the game for over 30 years. One significant advantage of the company is its geological positioning. It sits in a village in China, Shicheng, in Hubei County, famous for its rich vanadium deposits. 

OUSHI Metal has many years of experience in producing, manufacturing and supply of metal ores. The company also gives back what it takes from the earth by boosting the economy of the surrounding regions.


Ding Sheng industry is situated in Anyang, a thriving city at the heart of Hebei province and Shanxi. The Dingsheng sector was founded in 2019, and though it might seem new, the quality of the products it manufactures is a testament to the quality work and experience skill that it employs.

The company sits on a large plot of land, about 30000 square metres comprising an 18000 square metres construction area.

Experience is a tool only time and skill can perfect. Ding Sheng might lack a mole time since its establishment, but it makes up for it in talent and experienced personnel. Dingsheng is extensively known for its high-quality silicon metal production, including vanadium, steel, iron and more. It’s a top-rated company and supplier of silicone for both in-country supply and offshore sales. 

Metallcts (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. 

Tianjin Co. can be found in Tianjin, thus highlighting the company’s name. Metallcts is a company well-nourished in experience and skill which translates to the production of high-quality silicone metal products. Their products can be applied in various construction equipment’s. Metallcts also provides consumers with a variety of options including custom specifications and designs on products. 

Ningxia Darshan Silicon Industry Co.

Ningxia is a city in China that is widely known for its production of silicon metal. It’s regarded as the birthplace of silicon metal, and it’s also where Nimgxia Darshan Industry is located. The company’s Mani focus lies on producing and supplying silicon, making it the most popular silicon metal production company in China. 

Excellent value at a great price is their motor, and true to their word, they deliver quality at affordable prices.  The silicon metal manufacturer Ningxia Darshan Silicon Industrial Co., Ltd. has a wealth of expertise. They ensure that the manufacturing complies with client specifications, from a choice of materials to manufacture, from cooling to crushing


Silicon is a crucial component in producing non-ionic surfactants and silicones that can be applied as an alloying material in the manufacturing of aluminium alloys. However, to completely enjoy its benefits, you need to access a quality supplier. Hopefully, this article will prove helpful in your search for a good silicon metal supplier.