Best Practice Hiring a Professional Photo Editing Services Company

Photo editing is an integral part of eCommerce business. While some personal and portrait photos are edited for various purposes, it is mostly the eCommerce photography that gets edited for commercial use. Professional photo editing services companies offer such services to eCommerce business owners and commercial photographers. There are some best practices involved whine hiring a professional photo editing company. Below are some of the best practices. 

Importance of Communication Cannot be Undermined

Communication is the single most important aspect of outsourcing your photo editing job. In order for you to get your editing job done according to your specification, you and your outsourcing partner must be in the same page. Without effective communication, you cannot get your ideas across and make the other company understand what is that you actually need. 

Outsourcing to offshore companies can even be challenging. All the offshore companies that are involved in providing photo editing services are located offshore in the Asian zone. None of these countries has English as their native language. Communication can therefore be extremely challenging and some important detail might get lost in translation. So, when hiring a professional editing company, make sure you and the other company can make effective communication. 

Test the Water

You should only make a decision to work with a company when you have tested the water yourself. Send the company some test work. For example, if you need photo retouching service for your fashion product photography, then send the outsourcing company some of your sample images. Let them retouch those images based on the edit instruction you provide. This way you can test the water and see how good they are in retouching images and whether it meets your standards or not.

Now Let’s Talk Money

Now that you are comfortable with the level of communication and satisfied with the quality of editing, it’s time to discuss the pricing. Pricing will depend of various things. For example, if you are a small company only needing to edit few photos here and there, you can get away with a freelancer. Hiring a freelancer will cost less than hiring a professional company. 

Freelancers work from the comfort of their own home meaning they don’t have any office expense or expense of running a business. It is therefore natural to get a freelancer to edit your photos for less than a professional company. 

If you however are a big company and have lots of photos to edit on a daily basis, you can only get your needs fulfilled to accommodate your workflow by hiring a professional editing company. Since these companies hire lots of professional photoshop experts and have office expense, they will certainly cost more. Discus the pricing with your photo retouching services company and see which fits your budget and can accommodate your workflow.