Best Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile Suppliers in China

When the window system is placed outside the structure of the building, it is known as curtain walling. To create a curtain wall, you can combine aluminum panels, various glass kinds, and other required exterior cladding materials. This technique enables the combined windows and spandrel framing to span numerous floors, eventually creating a single facade.


Guangdong Weiye company was founded in 1992 and is based in Guangdong Province. It’s a sizable, all-encompassing firm that processes aluminum through an extrusion and has a great feel of social obligation. Weiye aluminium, aluminum window and doors, and aluminium furniture are three of its leading brands. Products are utilized extensively in various industries, including construction, transportation, sanitary products, electronics, personalized home décor, offices, and other sectors.

The Group has established four key industrial areas in China, including Zone A and B at Shishan Manufacturing Hub in Xuzhou, during the past 30 years of its rapid growth.

It currently has 83 technologically cutting-edge aluminum extrusion manufacturing lines, producing 500,000 tonnes of aluminum annually.

For the creation of lightweight industrial products, the aluminium is outfitted with an Asian huge automated vertical oxidation as well as electrophoresis producing line, a 7,000-tonne extruder in S.China, a fully automatic vertical store, and other smart production systems. Creativity is an organization’s main source of competitive advantage, and technology and science are its heart and soul.


The curtain wall supplier provides various aesthetically pleasing options, including several face cap designs with structural windows or clamping technologies for a more understated appearance. A seasoned supplier of aluminum, Xingfa also provides custom options for projects requiring unique architectural designs for aluminum curtain walls.

Why Select Xingfa’sAluminium Curtain Wall?

Complete Response.

From the initial order to give technical support and comprehensive solution, XingfaAluminium provides anything from aluminum windows and door systems to curtain glass walls to commercial profiles.


Their best aluminum profile products are made possible for you by pro teams with more than 36 years of expertise in fabricating aluminum profiles and five production facilities.

Made in China

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Take away

Despite the intense industry competition, Weiye has been able to establish a Chinese brand, concentrate on China’s best curtain wall aluminum suppliers, move forward with the construction of a worldwide supply service system, and expand the circulating manufacturing supply chain of green aluminum use to the international market. Military-grade quality, stringent international standards, a strong brand, and systematic options.

It amply displays WeiyeAluminium’s dominant position in the aluminum processing sector. Weiye Group has won the baseline image of curtain wall aluminum profiles.