Azura Exchange: A new way to liven up your wardrobe

Sam Wood is a fashion consultant from Sydney, Australia. In 2017, he came up with an idea that would go on to offer a completely different experience of online fashion retailing and e-commerce. He started Azura Consulting as a way to bring together his passion for the world of fashion with his retail and e-commerce experience. In the convenient format of a single package, the platform brought together a world-class selection of some of the very best brands out there. 

The Azura vision is now taking on a completely different dimension, with the implementation of the Azura Runway in 2019, which merged Sam’s intimate knowledge of the industry with his associate Tim Bloores data-savvy industry experience. Azura Runway offers over 1200 high-profile fashion brands and it is quickly becoming a hotspot for luxury fashion in Australia. Although the COVID-19 pandemic presented quite a few challenges, the situation did not stop them from coming up with some innovative solutions to cater to their customers. The new puzzle piece in the Azura brand family is “Azura Exchange,” which is a perfect opportunity for people to find new sleek and comfortable outfits at a very convenient rate.

When we’re all stuck indoors, wearing that $600 dress might not be on top of your priorities. This is the reason why Azura Exchange took off right away: it’s the perfect platform for people looking to upgrade their wardrobe at a reasonable rate, without giving up on quality and comfort. The company caters to a wide variety of customers, and the response has been unbelievable from the get-go.

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