Australia’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer WCBG opens itself to end consumers through Bio-Pharmaceutical Plus

With the growing demand for pharmaceutical and cosmetics products in Australia, one of the largest and most recognized pharmaceutical, cosmetics and functional health foods manufacturers Bio-pharmaceutical Plus has launched itself into the industry. Bio-Pharmaceutical Plus will be providing products of Wonderful Capital Biotechnology group.

Wonderful Capital Biotechnology Group is an industry partner of ARC(Australia Research Council) Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing. WCBG was founded in 2018 as a joint-lab company that has partnered with several universities across Australia. Today, this group has grown to become one of the biggest names in the Australian pharmaceutical industry.

One of the many specialties that set WCBG apart is the efficient manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs. They have set up a system that develops and produces products through a complete outsourcing service. This has enabled all their partner pharmaceutical companies to provide their customers with top-quality pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health food products that are highly feasible, efficient and competitive in the current market.

The company is planning to expand its reach by adding new products, in addition to partnering with all the major pharmaceutical retailers in the country. With the expertise and trustworthiness of WCBG, Bio-Pharmaceutical Plus is all set to make its name and serve end customers directly with its top-quality exclusive products.